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Legion confirms a whole bunch of products, upgrades and flavors for 2021

legion plans for 2021

With only a couple of days left until we’re finally into the New Year, Legion has shared some of its plans for 2021, and based on what it’s saying, the popular supplement company is in for a big year. The brand has confirmed a whole bunch of new releases for the next 12 months, everything from improved versions of current products, exciting, entirely new items, and flavor extensions.

Starting with the upgrades, in 2021, Legion plans to revamp the Legion Protein Bar as well as update its fat burner Phoenix, meal replacement Atlas, and nootropic Ascend. The flavor extensions the brand has confirmed include a Strawberry Margarita Pulse, Blue Raspberry Recharge, Mocha Genesis, Cookie Butter Whey+, and an edible gummy version of its sleep supplement Lunar.

Lastly, we have all of the exciting, entirely new products Legion has lined up for the New Year, and they are indeed exciting. In 2021 it is looking to launch a beauty supplement, a probiotic-based formula for gut health, and a Legion energy drink. It is the beverage that immediately caught our attention, mostly because it’s a growing category, and we enjoy seeing newcomers and their angles.

Altogether, Legion has confirmed three all-new products, five flavors counting the Lunar gummies, and four new and improved items. It is quite the list, and what’s even more interesting is that’s only the releases the brand is willing to reveal. Legion has said there are other supplements, flavors, and upgrades expected during the year, so again, it’s looking like a massive year for the brand.