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Like A Pro reveals the bigger and better formula behind Outsized 2.0

like a pro outsized 2

In eight weeks, Jeff Long’s brand Like A Pro Supplements is releasing a new and improved version of its stimulant-free pre-workout product, Outsized. The next iteration is being referred to as Outsized 2.0, and it is indeed an improvement on the original, getting a whole bunch of ingredients added while maintaining almost all of the original formula.

Like A Pro Supplements’ new Outsized is still a stimulant-free pre-workout designed entirely to improve, enhance, and increase muscle pumps. It features four of the previous version’s six ingredients, including a solid 8g of citrulline malate, a gram each of Nitrosigine and agmatine sulfate, and another large dose with GlycerSize branded glycerol at 5g.

like a pro outsized 2

On top of those four ingredients, Like A Pro Supplements has added four all-new features to the Outsized 2.0 formula. It comes with 400mg of grape seed and another two premium, branded ingredients in FitNOX at 250mg and the absorption enhancer AstraGin at 50mg. The one other addition to the pump pre-workout is sea salt at 400mg per serving.

Altogether it is, as mentioned, an even better pre-workout, now featuring a wider variety of ingredients to deliver stronger muscle pumps. The upcoming product from Like A Pro Supplements has been unveiled this week, but is unfortunately still quite a while away from launch. The brand is looking to release it in eight weeks with the same 30 servings per tub.