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PeakO2 and nootropics come together in Magic’s focus formula Magic Mushies

magic nutrition magic mushies

Australian supplement brand Magic Nutrition has stuck to mainstream categories so far, including pre-workout, amino, and protein powder, although all of that changes this week. The bright and colorful brand has unveiled its next entirely new product, and it is quite a different type of supplement with Magic Mushies, formulated to increase energy, focus, and mood without any caffeine.

True to its name, Magic Nutrition’s Magic Mushies features a combination of mushroom extracts in the form of PeakO2, alongside common nootropics to deliver on its promised effects. The product is ideal for training, studying, gaming, and general day-to-day activities, and as mentioned, it’s caffeine-free, so you can use it any time of the day without worrying about it keeping you up.

The ingredients Magic Nutrition has brought together for Magic Mushies, outside of the PeakO2 blend of mushroom extracts, include tyrosine, bacopa, lion’s mane, zingiber, tryptophan, and Korean ginseng. It also comes with a premium focus enhancing ingredient in NeuroFactor, which has become a common and reliable feature in comprehensive nootropics like Magic Mushies.

Magic Nutrition is rolling out its all-new Magic Mushies to retailers in Australia this week in the one Lazer Lime flavor, although no mention of how many servings you get per tub or any idea on the price point you can expect in stores.