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‘Merica doesn’t hold back in its weight loss infused Red, White and Boom

merica labz red white boom napalm edition

When it comes to hybrid supplements, whether we’re talking testosterone boosting and protein or weight loss and aminos, a lot of the time, one or both sides of the formula lose out. It is a tough task to deliver the benefits of two types of products in one supplement well, although on occasions there is the odd item that is packed and promising, which is what ‘Merica Labz has up its sleeve.

Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition is ‘Merica Labz upcoming spin-off of its original stimulant pre-workout Red, White and Boom. The key difference with the Naplam Edition is it combines pre-workout ingredients with weight loss, something we’ve seen many times before. ‘Merica however, is not holding back on this one, and brought together an impressive and comprehensive formula.

Pre-workout ingredients

On the pre-workout side of Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition, ‘Merica Labz has carried over almost all of the ingredients from the original Red, White and Boom with a few changes to the dosages. For energy and focus, the product has eria jarensis, tyrosine, alpha-gpc, halostachine, and a solid 350mg of caffeine. You also get a full 3.2g of beta-alanine, 2.5g of betaine, and 6g of pure citrulline for pumps and performance.

Premium fat loss features

While all of those ingredients are enough for solid competitor in the pre-workout category, on top of that ‘Merica Labz has a handful of premium and reliable fat burning ingredients. The weight loss features in Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition are 100mg of Cocoabuterol, 25mg of ProGBB for intense thermogenesis, and half a gram each of green coffee bean and the proven Mitoburn.

Flavor and launch

As mentioned, ‘Merica Labz has brought together quite the combination of pre-workout and weight loss ingredients for Red, White and Boom Napalm Edition. There are two flavors confirmed so far for the well put together hybrid supplement in Tango Foxtrot and Saigon Sangria, with the energy, focus, pump, thermogenesis, and fat loss supporting pre-workout dropping sometime early next year.