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Official online store for Mtn Dew Game Fuel opens with a rewards program

mtn dew game fuel online store

When it comes to energy drinks, especially from larger beverage companies, you don’t get that direct-to-consumer experience as often as you do with supplements. By that we mean, brands like Monster, Rockstar, and Red Bull, don’t sell their signature energy drinks through an official online store, something the likes of Bang, G Fuel, and now Mtn Dew Game Fuel does.

The gaming energy drink from Mtn Dew has just opened its own online store over at, and it has all of the same options as the product has on Amazon, with marginally different pricing. You can purchase the beverage in any of its five regular flavors and two zero sugar options, as well as three different variety packs, all with a dozen cans per pack at $22.99.

mtn dew game fuel online store

While the website is slightly more expensive than Amazon, it comes with the benefit of the Game Fuel Victory Pass rewards program. Like similar systems, the brand gives back the more you purchase. There are different levels and bonuses you can unlock, with great perks available such as free shipping, exclusive merchandise, and gaming accessories.

You can check it all out for yourself over at, and as mentioned, purchase any of the Mtn Dew Game Fuel beverages at $22.99 for a case of 12 cans. The Game Fuel Victory Pass program is available and open, and you can start earning points for the first five levels, although tiers beyond that won’t have details or availability until sometime in the new year.