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Four-year-old test booster Insurgent swaps spilanthes for the AlphaNRG blend

mts nutrition insurgent alphanrg

Marc Lobliner and his brand MTS Nutrition have updated their testosterone boosting supplement Insurgent, originally released over four years ago in November of 2016. In all those years on the market, the brand had not changed anything formula wise for Insurgent, maintaining its combination of carnitine tartrate, longjack, spilanthes, and PrimaVie shilajit.

This week, MTS Nutrition has tweaked its long-running Insurgent, making a switch to its list of ingredients, although still keeping its focus on the goal of boosting testosterone, enhancing libido, and supporting energy and performance. The switch is the removal of spilanthes at 300mg in favor of a branded and study backed ingredient blend called AlphaNRG.

AlphaNRG in the updated Insurgent is a mix of black ginger, fenugreek, and tribulus, which MTS Nutrition has dosed at half a gram per serving. The branded blend has been shown to help maintain healthy testosterone levels, support wellbeing and vitality, and improve sexual function and performance. It essentially furthers the benefits Insurgent was designed to support.

The home of MTS Nutrition, Tiger Fitness, is now stocking the refreshed and now AlphaNRG enhanced Insurgent for the same price and amount of servings as the original at $39.99 for a full-size bottle of 30 servings.