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Nano Supps releases a shaker that glows in the dark to promote its pre-workout

nano supps hype beast glow shaker

While shaker bottles are a dime a dozen, and are typically quite generic when coming from supplement companies, we always like to highlight the ones with something different about them. Nano Supps, the brand responsible for the unique and delicious Protein Pancake, has exactly that this month with a straightforward logo shaker that has an awesome feature.

The European functional brand Nano Supps has released a bottle themed around its pre-workout Hype Beast with the supplement’s name down the side. Where the unique feature comes in is, the shaker glows in the dark in a classic, vibrant green. The product is available now directly from the brand’s website at €8.90 (10.76 USD) with a relatively small 500ml volume.

Nano Supps has also mentioned that while you can purchase its Hype Beast glow-in-the-dark shaker by itself, there is a bundle coming in the new year. From what we understand, it’ll be a combination of the bottle and a full-size tub of the Hype Beast pre-workout, presumably at a better price than purchasing them separately.

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