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New and improved Lean Edge arrives in time for New Year’s resolutions

new and improved sns lean edge

Just in time for the New Year, reputable brand Serious Nutrition Solutions, known for its strongly-dosed and well-formulated supplements, has dropped its new and improved fat burner, Lean Edge. The original proved quite popular due to its impressive variety of over ten active ingredients, and without any stimulants, so you can still enjoy your pre-workout while taking it.

You can now purchase Serious Nutrition Solutions’ all-new Lean Edge through its online store, and there are a couple of ways you can save. Firstly, for what’s in the product, a single bottle of 30 full servings is priced relatively competitively at $44.95. Also on the brand’s website is a Lean Edge twin pack at $40 each and an even lower triple pack at $36.66 a bottle.

Formula changes

As for the changes to Serious Nutrition Solutions’ improved Lean Edge, it still features a strong selection of 15 active ingredients, with a few notable changes compared to the original. It no longer includes CLA, although the brand does sell standalone CLA, there is more Capsimax at 50mg, triple the Paradoxine grains of paradise at a huge 150mg, and added BioPerine to help with absorption.

new and improved sns lean edge

The tweaks are intended to make the packed out Serious Nutrition Solutions fat burner even better, aiming to enhance metabolism, cortisol control, mood, appetite and improve overall weight loss. As mentioned, the revamped Lean Edge is a great supplement to welcome in the new year, and again it’s stimulant-free, so you can use it alongside stimulant powered products.

New Year’s sale

Another thing worth mentioning is Serious Nutrition Solutions is running a solid sale through its online store for New Year’s, which makes Lean Edge even more competitive. For a limited time, you can use the coupon ‘newyears30’ and save 30% on everything, dropping individual bottles to $31.49, the twin pack to $27.99 each, and the money-saving triple pack to just $25.66.