Shaun Clarida’s celebratory flavor now available separately outside of stacks

Dec 30th, 2020
nutrabio shaun clarida whey protein isolate

Last week, right before Christmas, we posted about Nutrabio’s second collaboration protein powder with its athlete, Shaun Clarida, the 212 Mr. Olympia champion of 2020. Following the special edition Pistachio Delight Classic Whey the brand did earlier in the year to welcome Clarida to the team, it has dropped a special edition Ice Cream Cookie Dream Whey Protein Isolate to celebrate his big win.

Previously you could only get your hands on Shaun Clarida and Nutrabio’s Ice Cream Cookie Dream Whey Protein Isolate in a stack with two or four other supplements. The brand has now made the special edition protein powder, featuring Clarida on the front, available separately outside of stacks. It costs the same as any other flavor of Whey Protein Isolate at $39.99 for 2lbs, and currently comes with a free shaker.

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