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Obsessed previews a new version of Fanatic featuring Vaso6 and CarniSynergy

obsessed previews new fanatic

The creative team at Obsessed Nutrition has announced a fun new pre-workout that’s coming down the pipeline, which is an updated version of a supplement that’s already available in Fanatic. The supplement is going to have a slightly different formula compared to the current Fanatic, although still aiming for that comprehensive combination of effects that fans have come to expect from pre-workouts.

Obsessed Nutrition has not named all of the ingredients or any of the dosages in its Fanatic sequel, just two to get some excitement going. Those features will be Vaso6 and something called CarniSynergy in the supplement’s ‘Melt Your Mind Matrix’, suggesting it’s something to support focus. We’re certainly interested to see the full formula, especially since it sounds like an all-around improvement.

Much like the ingredients in the upcoming Fanatic, we don’t know when the product is going to be available; however, we do know one of the flavors it’s launching in. Obsessed Nutrition has previewed the product in an interestingly named ‘Unicorn Piss’ flavor, which doesn’t have a description yet, but we suspect it’s similar to other colorful flavors like Rainbow Candy, or it could be something completely different.