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Onnit triples its Protein Power Puffs menu with Spicy Cheddar and Korean BBQ

onnit protein power puffs spicy cheddar korean bbq

Onnit’s soft and crunchy, high-protein puff snack, Protein Power Puffs, introduced only half a year ago, has landed itself two fresh new flavors this week. The popular brand only introduced the on-the-go product with one option in Supreme Pizza, providing a solid 16g of protein per bag, 4.5g of fat, only 4g of carbohydrates with 3g of that sugar, and a total of 120 calories.

The new additions to Onnit Protein Power Puffs are traditional puff and chip snack flavors in Spicy Cheddar and Korean BBQ, with similar nutrition profiles to the original Supreme Pizza. They both have slightly less protein per bag at 15g versus 16g, more fat at 6 to 7g, the same carbohydrates at 4g with 1 to 4g of that sugar, and finally, just a touch more calories at 130 instead of 120.

As always, the place to go to get your hands on the latest snacks, supplements, and products from Onnit, is its own online store over at The Spicy Cheddar and Korean BBQ Protein Power Puffs cost the same as Supreme Pizza at $14.99 for a box of eight bags, working out to $1.87 each, or $12.74 a box if you go with one of its ongoing subscription options.