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RAZE looks for love on Instagram before starting its next crowd-sourced campaign

raze energy pink crowd sourced energy drink

Earlier in the week, we announced that on Friday, RAZE would be kicking off the campaign for its next crowd-sourced energy drink. While the beverage brand did indeed start the fun and creative process off, it isn’t quite in full motion just yet. RAZE said it would indeed be starting another fan-made campaign but first wanted something from its followers.

RAZE is asking fans to show some love and excitement for another crowd-sourced flavor of its top-tasting energy drink by giving its post on Instagram 5,000 likes. Last time we looked, that number has still yet to be achieved, so if you have an Instagram account and want to see RAZE get started on another fan-decided energy drink, head over to its page.

For those of you unfamiliar with RAZE’s crowd-sourced process, what happens is the brand asks fans to decide each part of a new flavor of its high-energy beverage, by way of vote. In the past, that has included how the product’s taste, its name, and look. It’s a fun way of doing things, so once again, if you want to see RAZE kick it off, head to Instagram.