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Real Good launches its grain-free waffles with only 100 of each flavor

real good foods waffles

Real Good Foods has released the all-new, grain-free waffles it recently previewed, although we didn’t actually expect them this soon after that first look. With that said, if you didn’t visit the brand’s website this morning, you will, unfortunately, have missed out, as they’re now gone. However, it is worth noting Real Good Foods only gave the waffles a limited launch with 100 boxes available of each flavor.

We’ll still run over the product’s details, as we imagine they’ll be back with a full release and more than 100 boxes each of the grain-free waffles flavors, Chocolate, Blueberry, and Buttermilk. Packed into each pair of waffles is a solid 10g of protein, 8 to 9g of fat, 9 to 12g of carbohydrates with only 3 to 5g of sugar, and 190 calories, and you can half all of those numbers if you’re looking at the macros for one waffle.

real good foods waffles

The price on Real Good Foods’ grain-free waffles from its website is $8.99 for a box, and you do actually get quite a few waffles with eight. As mentioned earlier, there are three flavors available for the product, or were before it sold out, and they are Chocolate, Blueberry, and Buttermilk. They’re all made with simple ingredients such as liquid egg whites, flour, and buttermilk powder, and have no added sugar.