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Sheetz gets an exclusive Red Licorice flavor of the G Fuel energy drink

sheetz exclusive red licorice g fuel

Since bringing it to market, the gaming category leader G Fuel has done some awesome and entertaining flavor collaborations for its zero-calorie and high-energy G Fuel beverage. The brand has partnered with several of its ambassadors for their very own flavors, as well as popular video games, including Sonic The Hedgehog, Doom, Crash Bandicoot, and most recently, Mortal Kombat.

This week, another flavor collaboration for the G Fuel energy drink has hit shelves, although it’s slightly different from those others mentioned. The gaming supplement company has put together a Red Licorice flavor of its beverage, still featuring all of its main ingredients. What makes this one different is G Fuel has teamed up with a specific retailer, which is the flavor’s exclusive stockist.

The all-new Red Licorice G Fuel energy drink is only available for purchase from the major convenience store chain Sheetz, with no plans to have anyone or anywhere else stock it. The exclusivity makes the flavor a whole lot more desirable, so if you have a Sheetz location nearby and want to try a new, intriguing, and tasty-sounding energy drink flavor, stop by and grab a can.

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