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Tropical joins Muscle Moose’s list of flavors for its energy drink Moose Juice

tropical moose juice

Moose Juice is one of Muscle Moose’s most known products; an energy drink infused with b vitamins, a moderate 200mg of caffeine for energy, and unknown amounts of taurine, BCAAs, tyrosine, carnitine tartrate, and choline bitartrate. Up until this week, Moose Juice had four flavors on its menu with Juice Berry, Blue Raspberry, Passion Fruit, and Green Apple.

Muscle Moose has now welcomed flavor number five for Moose Juice with, Tropical. The latest option for the energy drink comes with all of the same ingredients and highlights as the other flavors, including low calories and that reliable 200mg of caffeine. Fans can already purchase the product directly from the brand’s website at £19.99 (26.64 USD) for a case of 12.

If you’ve yet to try Muscle Moose’s Moose Juice and like the sound of Tropical as well as some of the beverage’s others, the brand has also introduced a variety pack. It is a bundle of 12 cans of Moose Juice for the same price of £19.99, but instead of getting all one flavor, you get three of each full-size, 500ml flavor with Tropical, of course, being one of those.