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Unbreakable Performance from Jay Glazer and GNC has finally arrived

unbreakable performance fueled by gnc

Earlier this year, GNC announced it would be working with Jay Glazer, the man behind the Unbreakable Performance Center and from Fox NFL Sunday, to create a new line of supplements. That announcement came way back in January but has now finally been followed up almost 12 months later, with the official launch of the brand Unbreakable Performance Fueled By GNC.

The brand from GNC and Jay Glazer has debuted with five different supplements with more on the way. The products range from popular mainstream categories such as pre-workout and amino, to protein powder and an on-the-go protein RTD. We’ll briefly go over each of the supplements below, including what’s in them and what they’re all about.

unbreakable performance fueled by gnc

Protein powder and RTD

First up, you have Unbreakable Performance’s protein powder, Whey Isolate, a premium, whey isolate-based product. It provides 25g of protein per serving with 2g of carbs, half a gram of fat, and a lean 110 calories. The other protein supplement under the brand is the Protein Shake RTD, featuring a blend of sources to provide 20g of protein, 5g each of carbs and fat, 130 calories, and it’s infused with a blend of vitamins and minerals.

BCAA and EAA powered aminos

Next up are Unbreakable Performance’s two amino products, Amino and Plant-Based Amino. The former is relatively straightforward, packed with a combined 8g of all nine EAAs, with half of that 8g being BCAAs. The latter, Plant-Based Amino, features vegan-friendly BCAAs at 6g per serving and also includes 1.26g of coconut water for hydration and 400mg of Powergrape branded grape extract.

Straightforward pre-workout

The fifth supplement Unbreakable Performance has launched with is the simply named ‘Pre-Workout’; created to support energy, focus, pumps and performance. The product relies on common ingredients, although they’re all at light dosages, much lower than we typically see. We’ve added its facts panel below, where its maximum serving amount includes just a gram of citrulline malate, 2.5g of creatine monohydrate, and half a gram of betaine.

unbreakable performance fueled by gnc

Where to buy

You can purchase any of the five new Unbreakable Performance supplements starting today from GNC. The protein powder, pre-workout, and full-spectrum amino will cost you $24.99, the vegan-friendly BCAA-based amino is slightly more at $29.99, and the on-the-go protein RTD is $9.99 for a pack of four. All products have two or more flavors to choose from and come with free shipping if you purchase over $49.