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Vitamin Well celebrates its athletes with the special edition Winter Heroes Series

vitamin well winter heroes

The widely distributed, Swedish functional beverage brand Vitamin Well has put together something special for winter, with a limited edition series of alternatively branded drinks. The brand has taken four of its products and flavors, and as a tribute, put a different notable winter sports athlete on each of them alongside their name in big, bold text and their signature.

Vitamin Well is calling the line the Winter Heroes Series, which includes its Reload drink with cross-country skier Frida Karlsson, and its Defence beverage with another cross-country skier in Ebba Andersson. The other two special edition items are the brand’s Recover and Upgrade products featuring ice hockey player Elias Pettersson and biathlete Sebastian Samuelsson.

As far as we know, all of the beverages feature their usual ingredients, dosages, and low calories; for example, in Reload, you still get vitamin b, vitamin d, magnesium, and zinc. According to Vitamin Well, the four special edition Winter Heroes drinks are available for purchase from stores in Sweden starting this week, but as mentioned, only for a limited time.

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