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Straightforward caffeine tablets up next from Viterna and its Ignited Series

viterna ignited caffeine

It was about two weeks ago we posted about Swedish brand Viterna’s all-new straightforward supplements, Ignited Creatine and Ignited Glutamine. Despite their names making them sound like advanced creatine and glutamine formulas, they are indeed basic, standalone, unflavored powder products, with the brand now following them up with Ignited Caffeine.

The latest Viterna effort is just like Ignited Creatine and Glutamine, in that it only features the main ingredient mentioned in its title with caffeine. Ignited Caffeine is a simple caffeine supplement, packing a reliable 200mg of the energizer in each of its 100 tablets. The product’s price at retailers will reflect its simplicity, with that 100 count bottle costing around 79 kr (9.27 USD).

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