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G Fuel partners with Youtooz for a Blue Ice flavor that comes with a vinyl figure

youtooz x g fuel blue ice

Giant gaming supplement company G Fuel is squeezing in one more collaboration before the end of the year, with collaborations becoming a big part of the brand’s releases over the past couple of years. G Fuel’s next launch is an entirely new partnership, seeing the brand team up with someone it hasn’t before in the Canadian collectible figure company Youtooz.

G Fuel and Youtooz have come together to create a special edition Blue Ice flavor of its title supplement, formulated to boost energy and focus. Like all of the brand’s recent products, the Blue Ice G Fuel is going to be available in a collector’s box, although the contents won’t be the usual tub and shaker. It is going to have a tub of Blue Ice alongside a Youtooz vinyl figure.

It is indeed yet another awesome collaboration from the team at G Fuel, with the Youtooz Blue Ice due to launch at in six days on Tuesday of next week.

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