Arms Race brings together another quality formula for its first fat burner

Jan 26th, 2021
arms race nutrition thermo

The full formula behind Arms Race Nutrition’s long-awaited debut in the weight loss category has been revealed, and like the rest of its lineup, its formula does not disappoint. The fat burning supplement is simply named ‘Thermo’, and it aims to provide a comprehensive blend of benefits, all geared towards helping, supporting, and enhancing fat loss.

Arms Race Nutrition Thermo features ingredients to increase energy and focus, enhance metabolism and thermogenesis, reduce appetite, which is one of our favorite fat burner benefits when done right, and support overall weight loss. As for the formula providing those effects, as mentioned, it is well put together, bringing together a combination of premium compounds and quality dosages.

You can see the fully transparent facts panel for Arms Race Nutrition Thermo below, packed full of ingredients to deliver that promised energy and improved focus. There is a full gram of acetyl-l-carnitine, the high-quality focus enhancer Neurofactor at 100mg per serving, 150mg of theobromine, and a smooth 225mg of caffeine from regular caffeine anhydrous and Zum-XR extended-release caffeine.

arms race nutrition thermo

Arms Race Nutrition has, of course, also thrown a whole bunch of reliable fat-burning ingredients into Thermo, including olive leaf, Paradoxine branded grains of paradise, and SaffSerene saffron extract to support the appetite reduction. Premium Shoden branded ashwagandha is in the mix as well at a solid 120mg per three-capsule serving to reduce cortisol and, in turn, provide stress support.

Arms Race Nutrition is looking to launch its long-awaited Thermo, which was first mentioned several months ago, sometime soon. We’re not sure of the exact release date for the fat burning products, although we imagine it’ll be available first on the brand’s website. You’ll get a full four weeks supply in each bottle with 28 servings and a price similar to its other supplements around the $40 mark.