Julian Smith and Doug Miller’s Arms Race is working on a protein bar

arms race nutrition protein bar

‘Merica Labz and Core Nutritionals, both from Doug Miller, each have something unique for the functional side of the market. ‘Merica Labz takes on the world of functional food with tasty, high-protein Beef Stix and Core with the convenient Core Balls. Arms Race Nutrition is another brand from Doug Miller and Julian Smith, although it doesn’t have any functional food, unlike Core and’ Merica.

While Arms Race Nutrition may not have anything functional at the moment, it sounds as though it won’t be long before that changes. Doug Miller himself has come out and confirmed that a protein bar is indeed in the works for Arms Race. Nothing else about the product has been mentioned, so all we know for now is it’s high in protein, in traditional bar format, and likely tastes good.

It is also worth noting the Arms Race Nutrition protein bar is only said to be in the works, with absolutely no confirmation of it guaranteed to become a reality or any timeframe on when it’ll be ready for release. Either way, the team at Arms Race is working on a protein bar, with undoubtedly more details to come as the project develops and gradually moves towards a full launch.