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AstroFlav tweaks the stimulants its Moonshot-replacing pre-workout Flip Mode

astroflav flip mode

AstroFlav’s all-new pre-workout Flip Mode is now available, officially replacing its original and intense stimulant competitor for the saturated category in Moonshot. Flip Mode takes a similar approach as the brand’s first pre-workout, formulated to provide a strong balance of benefits, with ingredients for increased energy, focus, pumps, and performance.

AstroFlav’s Flip Mode does feature a lot of the same ingredients and dosages as Moonshot, although a different but still intense collection of stimulants responsible for the energy and focus. Compared to the brand’s original pre-workout, Flip Mode is most notably missing DMHA, noopept, and higenamine, although as mentioned, it has a few new features to maintain that intensity.

astroflav flip mode

We’ve got the full Flip Mode formula listed in the facts panel above, including 6g of citrulline malate for pumps, the reliable beta-alanine for endurance at 3.2g, and a solid 350mg of caffeine for energy. Some of the additions to the formula to make up for those lost Moonshot ingredients are a gram of tyrosine for focus, 1.5mg of alpha yohimbine, and 25mg of isopropylnorsynephrine.

The first place you can go to get your hands on AstroFlav’s all-new Flip Mode is its own online store, where the supplement is priced the same as Moonshot at $44.95 a tub, but with five fewer servings at 25. To start, the brand has two flavors available for its fresh new pre-workout for 2021; both look to be sweet and candy-themed in Grape Lime and Candy Watermelon.