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Aware gives fans a second protein powder powered by casein

aware casein

When Aware Nutrition first came to market, it only had a stimulant pre-workout, which was shortly followed by a whey-based protein powder in Aware Whey, providing 22g of protein per serving. About a year on from the launch of that protein powder, the Swedish supplement company has come out with another competitor for the saturated and always busy category, and it does have a clear point of difference.

Aware Nutrition’s second protein powder is Aware Casein, and it is, of course, a slow-digesting, casein-based supplement to feed your muscles over several hours. Like the original Aware Whey, Aware Casein has 22g of protein per serving, with the rest of its nutrition profile being relatively light and lean. The product is available now through Aware’s website at 239 SEK (28.82 USD) for a 25 serving tub in Cookies and Cream.