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Nootropic category the next area of the market for Believe Supplements

believe supplements brain fuel

While Believe Supplements does cover a number of different categories, from protein and pre-workout to weight loss and aminos, there is one area that it’s missing that has become a bit of a staple these past few years. The Canadian brand is notably missing from the nootropic market, although in the coming weeks, that is changing with a product called ‘Brain Fuel’.

Believe Supplements has dropped a preview today of its upcoming Brain Fuel, which only really confirms the type of product it is, as half of its tub is intentionally covered. Brain Fuel describes itself as a focus and energy supplement coming in flavored powder form, and with ‘energy’ being one of its named benefits, we have to imagine that means it’ll be caffeinated.

We don’t know exactly when Believe Supplements is dropping Brain Fuel, but it has been known to move quickly, so while it’s only teasing the product right now, we wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes available in the next few days or weeks.

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