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Big Sky revealed as Arms Race’s next flavor family similar to Venice Beach

big sky daily pump harness

Venice Beach is quite a unique flavor from Doug Miller and Julian Smith’s Arms Race Nutrition, not because of how tasty it is, but because it’s alternatively branded and available for four of the brand’s supplements. Arms Race turned Venice Beach into a series after launching it for the pre-workouts Harness and Daily Pump, then adding it to Vigor and Replenish as well.

In 2021, Arms Race Nutrition is getting ready to do the same sort of thing with another intriguing flavor called Big Sky. Like Venice Beach, the brand will be giving Big Sky an individual label design, so it stands out in the lineup. Arms Race is also going to be introducing its promising Big Sky flavor for its two pre-workouts to start in Harness and the stimulant-free Daily Pump.

We have no idea what Big Sky is meant to taste like, although Arms Race Nutrition is making it sound like one that’ll be worth trying. The brand has already finalized Big Sky for Harness and Daily Pump, suggesting the flavor will soon be available for those two supplements, with Vigor and Replenish still in the works.