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Flex releases Birthday Cake Batter for the dairy version of its flagship product

birthday cake batter protein cookie butter powder

Functional company Flex Brands has come out with another tasty flavor for its popular and unique Protein Cookie Butter Powder, something we saw it do several times throughout 2020. The team’s latest creation isn’t exactly entirely new, as it’s a flavor you can already find in the Flex Brands lineup, but for a different version of Protein Cookie Butter Powder.

The brand has come out with another Birthday Cake Batter flavor of its flagship product, although instead of being plant-based and vegan-friendly like the one that’s already available, there is now a dairy version. It has all of the usual ingredients from Flex Brand’s dairy-based Protein Cookie Butter Powder with casein and whey as its sources of protein.

You can grab the new dairy Birthday Cake Batter Protein Cookie Butter Powder through Flex Brands and the product’s dedicated online stores. Both of them are currently discounting the product down from $25 to $21 for a 225g jar.