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Bodylab gets into gaming but without your typical powder supplement

bodylab limitless energy drink

The ever-growing brand Bodylab has followed the trend of getting into the gaming market this week, although being the creative, functional company that it is, it hasn’t put together your typical gaming supplements. Bodylab has created a new series or subbrand for all of its gaming products called Limitless, and it is made up of three items to increase energy and improve mental performance.

What makes Bodylab’s Limitless Series different from other brands in the fast-growing gaming category is none of its three products is a powder supplement. The Danish brand has created the Limitless Mental Performance energy drink, the edible Limitless Energy Bar, and the more compact, Limitless Focus Shot.

bodylab limitless energy bar

Energy drink

Starting with Bodylab’s Limitless Mental Performance beverage, it is essentially a low sugar and low carbohydrate energy drink. It has only 2g of carbohydrates per can and ten calories, as well as a couple of active ingredients for energy and focus. Those ingredients include 25mg of ginseng and a moderate 105mg of caffeine in two flavors, Lemon Lime and Energy Drink.

Focus Shot

Next, you have Bodylab’s Limitless Focus Shot, featuring slightly more ingredients and higher dosages than the beverage. A single 60ml shot of this product packs 200mg of caffeine, 50mg of ginseng, 50mg of guarana, 40mg of yerba mate, and a couple of b vitamins. The Limitless Focus Shot also comes in two flavors with Cola and Energy Drink.

bodylab limitless focus shot

Energy Bar

Last but not least, there is the Limitless Energy Bar, which is a carbohydrate-based bar made with Palatinose to provide 20g of carbs alongside 6g of fat, a moderate 7g of protein, and 184 calories. The product comes with two bite-sized pieces per pack, which combine to provide those macros mentioned, and it has two flavors in Dark Chocolate Hazelnut and Milk Chocolate Hazelnut.

Where to buy

The entire Bodylab Limitless Series is available from today through its website, and like with all of the Danish brand’s snacks, products, and supplements, they’re reasonably priced. The Limitless Mental Performance drink is 349 DKK (56.82 USD) for a case of 24 cans, 199DKK (32.40 USD) for a box of the Limitless Energy Bar, and 179DKK (29.14 USD) for a case of 12 Limitless Focus Shots.