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Bulk introduces its first product since the rebrand with a complete food shake

bulk 1 complete food shake

Recently rebranded UK supplement brand Bulk, previously known as Bulk Powders, has introduced its first new product since that big rebrand with the vegan-friendly, complete food shake, Bulk 1. The supplement follows the trend started a few years ago with a balanced and nutritious meal replacement formula made with clean, real food ingredients.

The Bulk 1 complete food shake packs 30g of protein per serving, 37g of carbohydrates, 12g of fat, and 400 calories. Its list of main ingredients includes pea, pumpkin seed, and chickpea for protein, as well as oats, avocado powder, MCTs, sweet potato, flaxseed powder, and many more. The Bulk supplement also comes with a whole bunch of extras to make it an even more balanced and comprehensive product.

The bonus features Bulk has thrown into Bulk 1 are Wellmune for immune support, Lutemax 2020 for eye health, Ahiflower omega 3:6:9, premium KSM-66 ashwagandha, enzymes for digestion, probiotics, and a full blend of vitamins and minerals. The brand has wrapped all of the ingredients in a flavored powder in Chocolate, Banana Caramel, and Vanilla.

The Bulk 1 complete food shake is available now through Bulk’s official online store at £49.99 (68.39 USD) for a large 3kg bag of 30 servings. The supplement company also has free shipping on orders over £49, which is just less than a bag of Bulk 1.