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Callowfit releases another two dessert flavors for its low calorie sauce

callowfit cookies and cream

Before the close of 2020, European functional brand Callowfit, known for its impressively low calorie and incredibly delicious sauces, released two more dessert-type tastes. It was great to see as the brand hadn’t done that since introducing its first two in April of 2019 with Chocolate and Salty Caramel, then just last month we got Strawberry and Raspberry.

To start the New Year, Callowfit has dropped another two flavors of its tasty, low-calorie sauce, and like the two from December, they are both dessert-style tastes, although neither of them is fruity. The brand’s latest flavors are a classic Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla, featuring the product’s usual zero fat and sugar, and only three calories in a 15ml serving.

Callowfit’s Cookies and Cream, and Vanilla sauces are available now through its online store at €5.10 (6.19 USD) for a 600ml bottle, or €4.90 (5.94 USD) each for a bundle of half a dozen.

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