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Campus Protein drops details for its upcoming pump pre-workout

campus protein pump

Over the years, Campus Protein has only introduced one advanced sports nutrition supplement under its own brand, and that was its original product, the pre-workout Fuel. We did get Campus Carnitine back in 2019, although that’s not exactly complex, with a straightforward liquid carnitine formula packing three forms of carnitine combining for 1.5g per serving.

Very soon, Campus Protein is finally coming out with another advanced sports nutrition supplement, and surprisingly, it is for the same category as its original Fuel. Campus Protein Pump is the upcoming product, a stimulant-free pump enhancing pre-workout, featuring a variety of common ingredients, although nothing dosed too high or over the top.

campus protein pump

As mentioned, Campus Protein Pump is stimulant-free, so it can stack with stimulant supplements to combine its benefits with others, including the brand’s pre-workout Fuel. We’ve added the facts panel for the product in the image above, including the likes of pure citrulline at 3g per serving, 750mg each of taurine and betaine, pine bark, and coconut water for hydration.

We’re not too sure when Campus Protein Pump is going to be available, but the retailer has already given it a listing on its website, although it is not in stock yet. On the page however, we can see it’s coming in three flavors, one of which is named Blue Jolly Candy, packing the usual 30 full servings per tub and due to launch at a very reasonable price of $24.99.