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Long-awaited Core Greens flavors finally come to market with a free towel

grape candy core greens

You may remember, not too long after Core Nutritionals launched its tasty and well put together Core Greens, it announced two new flavors for the superfood supplement. Despite the pair being confirmed as coming soon in June of last year, two months after the arrival of Core Greens, they have only now made it to market and are available for purchase through the brand’s website.

For those that missed the flavor confirmation half a year ago, the new additions to go with Core Nutritionals’ original Core Greens flavors of Chocolate and Berry are Arnold Palmer and Grape Candy. We tried both of the supplement’s first flavors and found them to be quite enjoyable, with the Berry being the sweeter of the two, so we imagine Grape Candy will be well worth trying.

Like all new products from Core Nutritionals, the new Arnold Palmer and Grape Candy Core Greens have been introduced with a week-long deal, not involving discount this time, but a freebie. The offer is, buy one tub of Core Greens at $49.99 or get two for the same, and the brand will throw in a free towel, and that does work with ongoing ambassador coupons to add a discount.