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Core completely unveils its women’s hormone support supplement Core Poise

core poise

When Core Nutritionals’ originally announced its stimulant-free fat burning supplement Core Sear, it also named one other intriguing new product in the women’s hormone support formula, Core Poise. Core Sear has since launched and made its way out to market, Core Poise, however, is still coming soon, and to get fans excited, the brand has now shared what’s going to be in it.

Core Nutritionals’ upcoming Core Poise is quite a unique supplement, bringing together a unique set of ingredients for an intriguing set of benefits that only Core knows how to deliver. The female hormone health product promises to improve mood and wellbeing, reduce PMS related discomfort, support healthy thyroid function, and help with hormonal stress.

As mentioned, Core Poise is quite a complete hormone health supplement, tackling the growing category in a way that’s different from most others we’ve seen. It is also worth noting that while Core Nutritionals markets and promotes the product specifically for women, it has said men could use it just easily and enjoy some of the same benefits.

core poise

The ingredients behind Core Poise can be seen in its fully transparent facts panel above, and like most if not all of Core Nutritionals’ supplements, it is well put together. In includes common ingredients such as DIM at 200mg, a solid half a gram dose of olive leaf, 5mg of pregnenolone, another solid half a gram of turmeric, and the premium feature, Setria glutathione.

Once again, Core Nutritionals is looking to launch Core Poise sometime soon, with its online to be the first place fans and followers of the reputable brand will be able to get their hands on it. We expect the product’s price to be somewhere around its other advanced supplements between 40 to $50, with a full bottle packing an entire month’s supply of 28 servings.