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CSN powers its simple new Stim+ with TeaCrine, Infinergy and EnXtra

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Almost all of the supplements from Cardiff Sports Nutrition’s house brand CSN, are straightforward, basic products such as Glutamine Powder, Creapure Creatine, and its original Cream Of Rice. It does have the recently released GlycerSize+ V2, a stimulant-free pre-workout, although that is still somewhat simple, featuring four active ingredients, all to enhance pumps.

Sometime soon, CSN Supplements is coming out with another product similar in complexity to GlycerSize+ V2, although it’s for the other end of the pre-workout spectrum with a supplement named Stim+. The upcoming Stim+ is a stackable, stimulant-powered product featuring 100mg of TeaCrine, 300mg of EnXtra, and 100mg of Infinergy branded di-caffeine malate.

It’s a simple supplement to stack with your favorite stimulant-free pre-workout on days where you need some energy or a product you could have by itself to increase energy and focus. Whatever your reason, Cardiff Sports Nutrition is releasing the stimulant-based Stim+ soon in three flavors with Pick ‘N Mix, Rainbow Candy, and an energy drink-inspired option.