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Dark chocolate and cookie dough-filled flavor coming to Built Bar at midnight

dark chocolate cookie dough built bar

Tonight at midnight, or technically tomorrow, Built Brands is launching another flavor of its flagship, high-protein snack, the Built Bar. It will be a dark chocolate-themed flavor, and it looks absolutely delicious. We’ve yet to actually try any flavor of the Built Bar, although it looks like that is going to change on this one as we’ll be ordering it right away.

The upcoming Built Brands expansion is Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough, featuring a rich dark chocolate outer layer with a smooth center filled with thick and doughy pieces of cookie dough. As mentioned, it looks and sounds delicious, and despite the mouthwatering build, it still features a solid Built Bar nutrition profile with 15g of protein and 150 calories.

Once again, Built Brands is releasing its Dark Chocolate Cookie Dough Built Bar at midnight tonight, through its online store, where a box of 18 bars carries a regular price of $37.80.