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RAZE moves to the design stage of its latest crowd-sourced flavor

tropical raze energy design

REPP Sports and its popular, high-energy beverage, RAZE Energy, are on to the next stage of developing their latest crowd-sourced flavor. So far, all that’s been revealed for the product after having fans interact on Instagram is the product features a Tropical flavor profile. The process has now moved on to how the Tropical RAZE is going to look, in which there are two choices.

You can see both of the design options in the image above, each featuring the same kind of color scheme mixing together white, pink, and light blue. The difference is the one on the left has a collection of icons and graphics themed around tropical in the background, then the one on the right is a little less busy with a palm tree picture, speckles of pink, and a beach silhouette at the bottom.

Of the two, we like the Tropical RAZE Energy on the left, and we suspect fans will too, as it’s similar to the design REPP Sports ended up going with for its last crowd-sourced energy drink, Baja Lime. To get involved and have your say, head over to the beverage’s Instagram page and comment ‘design a’ or ‘design b’, and expect to see confirmation of the look likely next week.