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Five new flavors join Rocka Nutrition’s Yum Yum family of protein products

four yum yum whey flavors and yum yum cream

Rocka Nutrition, out of Germany, which was nominated for International Brand Of The Year, has not one or two but four new flavors of its flagship protein powder Yum Yum Whey this month, as well as one for Yum Yum Cream. The five products have also brought some interesting news regarding the future of non-vegan releases from Rocka Nutrition.

Moving forward, every supplement released by Rocka Nutrition that’s not vegan-friendly is only going to be available for a limited time, while the plant-based products will be ongoing. It’s quite an interesting shift for any brand, although we have to imagine it’s in response to feedback and demand Rocka Nutrition has seen from the vegan items it’s dropped recently.

As for the four Yum Yum Whey flavors and Yum Yum Cream the brand has introduced, there is Chocolate Peanut, White Chocolate Peanut, Vanilla Caramel, and Apple Cinnamon Yum Yum Whey. The new taste for Yum Yum Cream is an Oreo-like effort simply named Cookies and Cream, with all of Rocka Nutrition’s releases available now from its online store.