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G Fuel does another limited time reskin for its classic grape in Galaxy Grape

galaxy grape g fuel

Something quite interesting the gaming leader G Fuel has been doing since September of last year is special edition flavors of its flagship gaming supplement, although they’re not completely new. The brand has taken previously released flavors and given them different label designs and creative names, and launched them as limited edition products.

It all started with a collaboration with the production company Rooster Teeth, where it transformed its grape flavor into a limited time People Like Grapes G Fuel. Since then, the brand has put together several other special edition rebrands. This week has brought yet another one from the gaming brand, and it is actually another spin on its classic grape G Fuel.

G Fuel’s latest limited effort is an intergalactic version of Grape named Galaxy Grape, featuring a colorful space-themed label design. You also can’t get this flavor through the brand’s website, it is exclusive to the G Fuel app available for Android and iOS devices.

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