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All-new egg white-based protein drink arriving Monday from GN Labs

gn labs protein on the way

This coming Monday, German brand GN Labs is coming out with a new liquid protein supplement named ‘Protein On The Way’. This is similar but separate to the brand’s previously released ‘Egg Protein Liquid’. Like that product, Protein On The Way is an egg-based supplement but promises an improved recipe and experience with tasty new flavors.

GN Labs’ latest product is an incredibly clean protein drink, with egg white being the only ingredient outside of the flavoring. Each 300ml carton of Protein On The Way packs a solid 30g of protein, only 300mg each of carbohydrates and fat, and a lean calorie count of 141. It is essentially an egg white-based protein RTD launching in two flavors.

The options fans will have to choose from for GN Labs Protein On The Way when it arrives this coming Monday are a traditional Vanilla and a sweet, fruity flavor with Raspberry. You’ll be able to pick both of them up through the brand’s major retail partner Gigas Nutrition, with details on price coming when it drops.