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Gym Molly turns its amino After Party into a tasty on-the-go beverage

gym molly after party drink

Gym Molly is a bright and colorful company that started about three years ago, although despite being around for that long, it doesn’t have all that many supplements on the market. There is the original brand named product, the Gym Molly pre-workout, and the amino-based formula After Party, with both supplements having a variety of flavors and versions to choose from.

The Gym Molly pre-workout is available in two flavors, which come with or without caffeine. The same goes for its amino After Party — caffeinated or not — with both featuring 7g of BCAAs and electrolytes. The brand does have a beverage version of Gym Molly available as well, and just this week, it’s introduced the same sort of spin-off for its only other supplement.

Fans of Gym Molly can now get After Party in a carbonated can, featuring all of the same ingredients and dosages, minus tyrosine for mental focus. The After Party drink comes with that same 7g of BCAAs, a gram of glutamine, 750mg of coconut water, electrolytes, and b vitamins. You can also drink it guilt-free, as there is no sugar, carbohydrates, or fat in the product.

To keep things consistent and familiar to fans, Gym Molly has released its After Party beverage in the same flavor as the original powder supplement with Blue Raspberry Lemonade. You can purchase it through the brand’s online store, where it’s currently discount down from $29.99 to a competitive $19.99 for a case of 12 cans, and there is free shipping for those in the US.