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Hosstile’s upcoming ISO H1 will be the first of many protein powders

hosstile iso h1

This coming week, Fouad Abiad’s brand Hosstile is coming out with his long-awaited protein powder debut in the premium, whey isolate-based formula ISO H1. The supplement is arriving on Wednesday, and while it will fill a gap in the brand’s lineup, it is actually just one of many protein powders Hosstile plans to bring to market.

ISO H1, or more simply referred to as H1, is eventually going to be followed by the likes of H2, H3, and H4, with each of them being a protein powder with a distinct point of difference. These days, it is quite common for supplement companies to come out with a variety of protein products, such as a blend, plant-based, all-natural, and casein.

As mentioned, the premium, whey isolate-powered ISO H1 will be Hosstile’s first, with two others talked about in a cost-effective whey concentrate supplement and a vegan-friendly protein. Once again, the brand is dropping ISO H1 later this week in three tasty flavors, two of which are your traditional chocolate and vanilla.