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Laperva launches lightly caffeinated Keto Cola with small amounts of MCTs and BCAAs

laperva keto cola

Laperva is a hugely popular supplement company in the United Arab Emirates, found all across shelves in the major retailer in the region, Dr. Nutrition, better known as DNP. The brand covers all sorts of categories, from the typical sports nutrition spaces of pre-workout and protein powder, through to functional treats and high protein snacks.

Keto Cola is the latest item to join the Laperva lineup, and just as it’s titled, it is a vegan and keto-friendly, cola-flavored beverage. The product does have a few extra ingredients thrown in to make it a bit more functional, although they’re dosed incredibly low. For example, it has added MCTs, which fits with the keto angle, although only 5mg of MCTs.

A few other key ingredients Laperva promotes for its all-new Keto Cola are BCAAs and glutamine, although they’re also extremely low at 100mg and 3mg, respectively, far from the 5g we’re used to seeing. There is some caffeine in the beverage for a bit of energy, but it’s not on par with the likes of RAZE, Bang, or C4 Carbonated, at a light 56mg per can.

Laperva’s Keto Cola is, as mentioned, keto-friendly; in fact, it has no nutrition, with zero fat, sugar, carbohydrates, and calories. The product is available now through DNP in the United Arab Emirates, in the one cola flavor and featuring no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.