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Cinnamon Roll makes it four flavors for Morphogen’s all-in-one Macrogen

morphogen nutrition cinnamon roll macrogen

Morphogen Nutrition is one of the best out there right now when it comes to consistency and simply pumping out quality new supplements and products over and over. The brand puts together in-depth and comprehensive formulas for extremely specific categories, and it does that on a regular basis, always keeping fans excited and intrigued.

This week, Morphogen Nutrition has another product drop, and while it’s not anything completely new, it is a welcome addition to one of the brand’s popular supplements. Morphogen has gone ahead and released another flavor for its all-in-one, complete meal replacement Macrogen, with Cinnamon Roll taking the product’s menu to a total of four.

Morphogen Nutrition’s new Cinnamon Roll has joined Macrogen’s Blueberry Lemon Cake, Homemade Apple Pie, and No Bake Cookie on the brand’s website, where all of its advanced supplements cost $48 a tub, which is the case for Macrogen.