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Myprotein gets into gaming with a powder product and an energy drink

myprotein command gaming supplements

International company Myprotein, is the latest sports supplement and functional food company to get into the world of gaming with its all-new Command series. Myprotein’s Command is made up of two differently branded products; a flavored powder formula in Command Nootropic and something to drink on-the-go with the carbonated Command Energy Drink.

Both of Myprotein’s Command supplements are geared towards gaming to improve and enhance energy, focus, alertness, and concentration, all benefits that’d help out greatly in the field of battle. The brand hasn’t loaded either product with a wide variety of focus ingredients, which is something we’ve seen in a few other more recent gaming releases.

myprotein command energy drink

Myprotein Command Nootropic features a blend of vitamins and minerals, lutein for eye health, a reliable 150mg of caffeine, a gram of taurine, 200mg each of theanine and tyrosine, and 250mg of Cognizin citicoline. The Command Energy Drink also has vitamins, minerals, and lutein, as well as 180mg of caffeine, a gram of taurine, and half a gram of lion’s mane.

Myprotein has put together a separate online store for its Command gaming supplements, although its main website has them and for slightly cheaper. Both places have Command Nootropic at £32.99 (44.53 USD) for a tub of 40 servings, although the Command Energy Drink is £1 less through at £12.99 (17.53 USD) for a case of half a dozen cans.

Of course, coming from Myprotein, Command Nootropic and the Command Energy Drink have plenty of flavors to choose from, with the beverage available in Blue Raspberry and Grape. The powder gaming supplement has twice as many options in four with Blue Raspberry, Grape, Green Apple, and Tropical.

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