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Mix Focus joins NutriMuscle’s growing lineup with a quick set of ingredients

nutrimuscle mix focus

French brand NutriMuscle is becoming quite busy in the first month of the New Year, revealing and releasing several new supplements, with one of its latest being the energy and focus formula Mix Focus. It is indeed a nootropic type product, featuring a relatively short and sweet combination of ingredients, with only three-packed, although two of those are premium.

NutriMuscle’s Mix Focus comes with 250mg of Cognizin CDP-choline, 240mg of premium AstaReal astaxanthin, and of course, caffeine at 80mg. The caffeine is somewhat light, with our preference for a nootropic being more in the 150 to 200mg realm. However, it gives you the freedom to mix with other supplements that aren’t too high in caffeine, like an energy drink.

The all-new Mix Focus from NutriMuscle is available now through its online store, and like most of the brand’s supplements, this has a lot of size options. There is the usual 30 serving supply priced at €39.50 (48.09 USD), as well as a double size 60 count, a bottle of 120 capsules, and an absolutely massive 400 capsule for €399.50 (486.34 USD).