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ProBrands brings back its Mustaschkampen edition flavor and makes it permanent

probrands passion fruit energy drink here to stay

In September of last year, functional food and beverage brand ProBrands in Sweden came out with a special edition product in support of the country’s Mustaschkampen campaign to help spread awareness on prostate cancer. The limited-time product was a sweet and refreshing passionfruit flavor of the brand’s popular BCAA infused energy drink simply named Passion.

It turns out that flavor proved so popular, ProBrands is not only bringing it back, but it’s bringing it back for good and making it a permanent, ongoing option for its energy drink. The product features all of the same ingredients, dosages, and flavor as the Mustaschkampen-supporting original featuring no sugar, vegan-friendly BCAAs at 2.5g per can, and 105mg of caffeine.

The only differences with the return of ProBrands’ Passion energy drink are as you can see in the image above. The product has been given a fresh new look with colors to match its flavor, and it’s changed its name to be just a bit more descriptive with ‘Passionfruit’ instead of ‘Passion’.

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