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Mammoth Pump gets an improved grape-based taste named Purple Rain

purple rain mammoth pump

This time one year ago, Canadian brand Mammoth released the 11th flavor of its flagship pre-workout supplement in Mammoth Pump. That flavor was the sweet, candy-themed creation with Swedish Very Berry. This week the brand is back with the same sort of development in another flavor for Mammoth Pump, although this one isn’t entirely new.

Mammoth’s latest is not the 12th flavor for its pre-workout, but an all-new grape-based option, which the supplement did already have in White Grape, although that is no longer available. The flavor is called Purple Rain, which, as mentioned, is a grape taste featuring a natural grape color and packed with Mammoth Pump’s usual ingredients and dosages.

The Purple Rain Mammoth Pump is already out and available in Canada, including through the brand’s online store, where you can grab the flavor in the supplement’s smaller 30 serving tub at $54.99, not its large 60 serving.

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