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Supplement Needs brings its thorough approach to the digestion market

supplement needs digestive stack

Since being introduced to the retailer and brand, we’ve been nothing but impressed by the UK company Supplement Needs. The brand’s line of products brings complexity, creativity, and effectiveness to some impressively unique categories. This month, Supplement Needs has dropped its first new product in months, but like all of its others, it is a well put together supplement.

Digestive Stack is Supplement Needs latest effort, and it is completely about supporting and improving digestion, something we’ve seen a lot of brands create something around. Of course, coming from the company that it is, Supplement Needs has packed Digestive Stack with a loaded formula featuring betaine, pepsin, alpha-galactosidase, the Pancreatin blend of protease, amylase, and lipase.

supplement needs digestive stack

As mentioned, the goal of Supplement Needs Digestive Stack is to support and improve digestion and digestive stress. The product wraps up all seven of its main features in a simple, two-capsule serving, with two months’ worth per bottle. The price of the product through the brand’s website is £34.99 (47.75 USD), which isn’t bad when you consider it can last up to two months.

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