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Upcoming Vitafreak hybrid combining four types of supplements

vitafreak hybrid categories confirmed

PharmaFreak recently teased a spin-off of its multivitamin supplement VitaFreak, providing no details or specifics outside of the fact it’s flavored and a hybrid product. The Canadian legacy brand has now confirmed exactly what categories it’s combining, and it’s actually a lot more than two, although it does still have a strong focus on vitamins and minerals.

PharmaFreak’s upcoming VitaFreak hybrid is a multivitamin infused with additional ingredients for sleep support, immune health, and beauty. It’s more of a four-in-one type supplement, bringing together a handful of categories that go quite nicely. While we have seen hybrid multivitamins before, this would be the first that’s brought together benefits like this.

The intriguing new hybrid spin-off of VitaFreak is due to be out and available soon, and as mentioned, it is coming in flavored powder form, although we don’t yet know what kind of options fans are going to get on that side of things.