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Weider puts a lot more into its HZRD spin-off including enXtra and Careflow

weider hzrd pre-workout

A few days out from Christmas, European brand Weider teased an all-new supplement, with a more traditional powder version of its pre-workout product HZRD. We say powder version, as the original HZRD was actually a compact energy shot, featuring a more pre-workout style formula as opposed to the simpler combination you get in most shots.

Weider’s HZRD powder supplement is still coming soon, and this week, to keep the interest and excitement going, it has revealed the ingredients and dosages of the upcoming pre-workout. As expected, the European brand has packed a lot more into the powder spin-off of HZRD than the shot, still featuring citrulline and arginine, but alongside a whole lot more.

Weider’s HZRD supplement has been formulated to increase energy and mental focus, and has several ingredients to improve muscle pumps. On the stimulating side of the product, you get 300mg of the up and coming enXtra and a moderate 200mg of caffeine.

weider hzrd pre-workout

As mentioned, there are quite a few ingredients in Weider’s powder spin-off of HZRD that are there to improve and enhance muscle pumps, half of which are premium, branded features. There is pure citrulline at a hefty 6g per serving, 2g of arginine, and the premium entries, the S7 blend at 100mg, and 100mg of Careflow mango fruit, shown in studies to support microcirculation, energy, metabolism, and heart health.

Weider is still hoping to have its HZRD pre-workout out and available sometime within the first few weeks of this month. The brand is European, so it’ll be in stock and on the market over there when it eventually launches with a tub of 20 full servings. Fans will also get two flavors to choose from, both fruity, in Orange Storm and Wildberry Bomb.