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Two fresh new flavors confirmed for the tasty Reign energy drink

white gummy bear reign total body fuel

Since coming to market, the hugely popular and widely available Reign Total Body Fuel has done a great job expanding its family of flavors to ten different tastes. The beverage brand has also introduced a thermogenic infused energy drink with Reign Inferno, which comes in a different set of flavors, including Jalapeno Strawberry and Watermelon Warlord.

Two fresh and undoubtedly delicious flavors have now been confirmed for the original Reign Total Body Fuel energy drink in Cherry Limeade, and a sweet and intriguing White Gummy Bear. Both have zero sugar and the product’s usual 300mg of natural caffeine for a nice boost in energy, BCAAs, coQ10, and electrolytes to support hydration and performance.

Reign Total Body Fuel is our current Clash Of The Cans champion and one of our five favorite energy drinks on the market, so we have to imagine both Cherry Limeade and White Gummy Bear will taste great. From what we can tell, flavors number 11 and 12 for the Reign energy drink will be available in stores and stockists sometime soon.

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